A reality where the U.S War Machine is a S.H.I.E.L.D division which opposes terrorism. Stark created the War Machine prototype before Iron Man. Some characters from Earth-616 are part of a fictional virtual reality.

In 2001, Marvel Comics broke with the Comics Code Authority and created its own rating system for its comics. In doing so, it developed the MAX line of comics, a mature line of titles, set outside Marvel continuity (Earth-112001 in this case), which often included swearing, nudity, harder violence. One of the titles was US War Machine, a black-and-white book which featured Jim Rhodes, the original War Machine, as a vigilante working with a team of armored soldiers and the military to fight menaces. The Darkhawk program also appeared in the final pages of US War Machine 2.0 Vol 1, in which Jim Rhodes puts Tony Stark's damaged body inside the Darkhawk program, to keep him alive.

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