The events in this reality are similar to that of Earth-712 (Aka Earth-S, or Squadron-Earth): The formation of the Squadron Supreme, the Utopia Program, a duplicate Hyperion taking the originals place and so on.

At some point in this reality's future the world's governments will grow to distrust the planets super-powered beings and develop a bomb to destroy them all. The resulting use of this weapon killed all Earth-1121's super-beings with the exception of Hyperion, who proved to be immune to it.

His activities since his friends' death are unknown, however it's come to light that since then Hyperion had been searching for a way to kill himself. He was soon selected by X-51 of Earth-9997 to become one of his Heralds to warn alternate worlds of Celestial manipulation.

Since Hyperion's departure the fate of Earth-1121 is unknown.

Hyperion, The Squadron Supreme

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