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An alternate future version of Earth-772...

This world was supposedly implanted with a Celestial embryo much like Earth-9997 and when the Watchman of Earth-9997 was gathering a team of Heralds to warn alternate realities of the Celestial threat, he would send Wolverine of Earth-811 and Spider-Girl of Earth-1122 to this world.

On this world, Spider-Man would join the Fantastic Four making the group the Fantastic Five. Much like Earth-772 Susan Storm would be married to Namor leaving Mr. Fantastic, Thing, the Human Torch and Spider-Man to remain the Fantastic Four.

Ultimately during a trip into the Negative Zone, Reed, Ben, Johnny and Spider-Man would all be lost and replaced by the Reed Richards from Earth-616's Counter-Earth an evil version of Richards who would transform into the monstrous Brute. Richards would become the President of the United States and be a constant antagonist for the kingdom of Atlantis.

When Wolverine-811 and Spider-Girl-1122 would arrive on Earth-1123, they would fight their way to President Richards and try to warn him of the Celestial threat leading to a battle against the Brute. The fight would be cut short when they would be rescued by Namor and the Invisible Woman. In giving their message, the two rulers of Atlantis would assure both Wolverine and Spider-Girl that the Celestial threat to their reality had been neutralized years ago before sending them back to Earth-9997.

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