Home world of the Protectors. On this world, Superheroes and Supervillains are referred to as "Supranormals."[1] The Clock was the first costumed vigilante to emerge in this reality, followed closely by Nightmask. Both were non-powered heroes who used firearms, wits and martial arts to fight crime. The Amazing-Man was the first super-powered Supranormal, and other Supranormals followed shortly thereafter. As America entered World War II, The Clock and Nightmask decided to give up superheroing and enlisted, feeling that the powered heroes could fight crime better than they ever could.

Other heroes came decades later such as Man of War and The Arrow. However on July 4, 1986, a supranormal battle in Brinkston, Virginia left the town a smoldering crater. Although not the heroes' fault,[2], the world believed them to be responsible, and the government forced the heroes to retire.[1]

In 1991, an attack by Mr. Monday and the Steel Army in Washington D.C. prompted President Brian O'Brien to launch Project: Golden Age and bring the Supranormal heroes back into active duty as The Protectors.[1] Publicly led by Man of War and indirectly led by Philip Reinhart[1], the former Night Mask, the team faced some tough hurdles at first including the death of Reinhart's son Richard. Regardless of this, the Protectors persevered and defeated Mr. Monday.[3]



  • The Earth-1136 reality is the Malibu Comics reality based on (or partly based on) characters from Golden Age Centaur Publications titles. [4]
  • Some people believe that the Genesis crossover merged the worlds of the Protectors, Ex-Mutants, and Dinosaurs For Hire into one world[5][6]. While true in a way, in Dinosaurs For Hire #8 and 9, it's made very clear that the Dinosaurs' Earth was a different universe than the Protectors', and that after Genesis was over, the Dinosaurs still know they've traveled to a different universe with a different history from their own. In Protectors #13, it's mentioned that Sluggtown was transported from the Ex-Mutants' universe to the Protectors' when Los Angeles was destroyed during the battle with Extreme.
  • Although primarily made up of revamped Centaur Comics characters, Earth-1136 also counts other non-Centaur Comics characters as its inhabitants, such as Miss Fury[7][8][9], Rocket Ranger,[10][11][12] and the Malibu Comics versions of Capcom's Street Fighter characters.[13] Miss Fury was based on the Golden Age heroine and Rocket Ranger was licensed from the computer game, but they also came from Malibu's Adventure Comics line.[14][15][16][17]

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