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Earth-1191 is an alternate future and is the home reality of Bishop, Trevor Fitzroy, Ruby Summers and Shard as well as the X.S.E., the X.U.E. and the Summers Rebellion.[1]

In this future, the mutant messiah Hope Summers re-ignited mutantkind following M-Day, but at some point, she killed a million humans in what came to be known as the "Six-Minute War". This led the United States government to pass harsh anti-mutant legislature, rounding up mutants into concentration camps and authorizing the use of Sentinels to hunt and police mutants. Most organized mutant groups, such as the X-Men, were destroyed, with their members killed, interned or forced to go into hiding. The government established total control over all communications, cracking down on any mention of mutants.[2]

As the decades wore on, more and more humans began to oppose the cruel treatment of mutants. Government plans to create a program of genetic testing, that would examine baseline humans for any mutant heritage to predict and prevent mutant births, were leaked by time-travelling mutant Layla Miller, causing increasing public dissatisfaction with the government's anti-mutant measures. [3]

This would lead to the Summers Rebellion, an uprising of mutants and pro-mutant humans against the government. The rebellion quickly turned bloody, and as a result, the government began dismantling the camps and to give funding for mutants to establish schools and farms. A subsequent government would later rescind these funds, enacting what they called "mutant emancipation", which in effect meant leaving mutants to make their own way in a world that largely hated them. Conflicts and street wars continued to simmer between both mutants and humans, the Summers Rebellion and the government, and radical mutant gangs and the X.S.E., a mutant police force. [4]

Anthony Falcone was one of the foremost anti-mutant advocates in Washington, in charge of maintaining the government's Sentinels. With the Summers Rebellion causing a political crisis, and with public fears of Falcone's Sentinels on the rise, Falcone seized matters into his own hands, unleashing his Sentinels on the Summers Rebellion's headquarters in the ruins of Atlantic City. Falcone was defeated, and hurled backwards into time. [5]



  • This reality can be seen as a polar-opposite to Earth-12201, where the presence of Hope gets the world destroyed, as opposed to the lack of her presence leading to it.

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