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A universe where Spider-Man decided to work for Nick Fury in order to surpass himself and become the "Ultimate" Spider-Man, and also where the previously-disbanded Avengers reformed to fight the threats to the world again. The former is regularly teamed up with other young heroes to form a special superhero Task Force used to complete various missions assigned by S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to train them for their adulthood, and Hulk formed a team called "Agents of S.M.A.S.H." to deal with "Hulk-sized" threats, and prove to the world that they're not monsters, but a family.

Earth-12041 is the reality designation for:


The characters are mostly based on characters from Earth-616, but use elements and story lines from Earth-1610 and Earth-199999.

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  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was referred as Earth-TRN123 as a part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.
  • At San Diego Comic Con 2016, it was confirmed that while mutants still exist in this universe, they won't be appearing for the foreseeable future.[1]
  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Season 5 of Marvel's Avengers Assemble take place on Earth-17628 instead, as the former referenced events from Marvel's Spider-Man[2] instead of Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • Marvel Animation producer Harrison Wilcox later clarified that the entire Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy series, and not just its third season onwards, shares the reality with Marvel's Spider-Man,[3] making the 2015 episode "Road to Knowhere" the first appearance of this reality. However, he also acknowledged that events in the cartoon that were tied to Earth-12041 meant that the events of the first and second season could've happened in both universes, and suggested the possibility that Earth-12041 was changed into Earth-17628 when Loki undid the Beyonder's Battleworld.[4]
  • The reality number 12041 is a reference to the first appearance of the universe. Ultimate Spider-Man S1E01 first aired in April 1, 2012 (12/04/1).

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