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It can be presumed that Earth-121193 followed as much of the same path as its more historically detailed counterpart, up until the point where Bishop arrived from the future to prevent the release of a plague.

When Bishop arrived during the 1990s from 2055 A.D., he successfully prevented the release of a plague, which had devastated his future and was created by Apocalypse. However, Bishop was killed shortly after along with the X-Men by Apocalypse.

Because the plague was never released, antibodies to protect mutants from further infections were never created. As a result, mutations went out of control.


  • When Bishop arrived on Earth-92131 to prevent the release of the plague, Cable also arrived from the year 3999 A.D. to stop him, since Cable's reality (the future of the plague timeline) was being replaced as a result of Bishop's actions. Both were successful, as although the plague was destroyed, Cable was able to create the antibodies needed to preserve the future.

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