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Earth-1218 is the designation given to our reality,[1] where super-heroes and other super-powered beings don't physically exist. This universe may appear somewhat dull from a cerebral perspective, but it does have its good sides, for those willing to recognize them.

In this world, all characters from other realities are considered fictional and are currently owned by Marvel Comics. The first of these characters, Namor, the Sub-Mariner, appeared in a comic book entitled Motion Picture Funnies Weekly published in April 1939, followed soon after by the first issue of Marvel Comics, which would later provide the name of the publisher initially known as Timely Comics. Although numerous characters associated with Marvel would rise to popularity in the 1940s, the so-called "golden age" of Marvel (a.k.a. "Age of Heroes") is said to have truly begun with the publication of Fantastic Four #1 in 1961.

Some of the Multiverse's residents attempt to break the fourth wall and communicate with Earth-1218, most notably Deadpool and She-Hulk.[2]


  • Current known residents of Earth-1218 are almost 8 billion humans, and many other organisms. However, it is possible that there is more life elsewhere on other planets that may yet be discovered.


  • Our reality was first given a reality designation in the letters page of New Exiles #3, and it's numbered after the birthday of the editor of said book, Jordan D. White (December 18).[3]
  • An alternate version of this universe was seen in the Spider-Man Animated Series episode "Farewell Spider-Man". This universe had its own version of Stan Lee.
  • Tragically, our Earth was destroyed by an incursion, according to Tom Brevoort.[4] However, thanks to Reed Richards after the events of Secret Wars, our reality was restored back to normal.[5]
  • Super powered individuals would apparently lose their powers if they ever visited Earth-1218. The reasoning behind this is, according to the Grandmaster, that the rules of this reality are too strict to allow the existence of super heroes and gods.[6]
  • Gwenpool claims she's from this universe. Since she factually never existed in our world, she's merely from a universe similar to ours, with the main (if not only) difference being her (and her family) existence.
  • Given various versions of Deadpool and She-Hulk are known for their tendency to break the "fourth wall" and talk to the audience/reader directly, or display awareness that they are comic book characters, another way of looking at it is the two are capable of communicating with Earth-1218.
  • See also Earth-Prime, a similar concept from DC Comics.

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