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Earth-122's history presumably mirrors that of Earth-616 up to the point where Bruce Banner tested his Gamma Bomb. He apparently didn't need to rescue Rick Jones, allowing him to safely successfully test the Gamma Bomb. Banner had hoped to create a better future with the bomb. Instead, the United States mass-produced the Gamma Bomb so it could devastate Earth and become the largest empire in history.[1] Mutants like the X-Men were also wiped out, believed to be threats.[2]

The Gamma Bombs occasionally mutated people into Gamma Mutates. Banner was forced to build a machine that would banish the Gamma Mutates into the Superflow by Thaddeus Ross, the President of the United States. However, Ross only made Banner banish the weak mutates he no use for, something Banner was unaware of. Ross kept the strong mutates and took control of them thanks to Reed Richards. He then formed them into a team called the Abominations to aid in the United States' conquest of the world. Banner fell tremendous guilt for the devastation he caused, so he went into hiding to fix what he caused as well as try to recover a Gamma Mutate from the Superflow for study. Instead, he brought the Bruce Banner of Earth-616. Banner then explained to Banner-616 what became of his reality.[3]

However, Banner-122's hideout was discovered, and an army was sent by the government to capture Banner while President Ross personally oversaw the attack. Banner-616 attacked the military force and devastated it. So, Ross called Banner-122 and threatened to kill his former student Peter Parker if he didn't called off Banner-616. Banner-122 tried to convince Banner-616 to end his attack, but Ross shot Parker anyway and threw him out of the plane. Parker then transformed into a giant spider-based gamma mutate in front of Banner-616.[2]

When Parker was defeated by Banner-616, Ross deployed the Abominations to stop him.[4] When Banner-616 transformed into a more monstrous form and defeated the Abominations, President Ross ordered a Gamm Bomb be dropped on him, despite, Banner-122 stating that thousands in nearby cities would be killed. Banner-122 decided to fight back and tackled Ross. He then killed Ross with his own revolver. Banner-122 made contact with Banner-616 who has rveerted back to his Savage Hulk form and asked him to stop the Gamma Bomb. Banner-616 used Banner-122's interdimensional port to channel the gamma energy released by the bomb away and then was sucked up by the portal. Ross' men apprehended Banner but not before asking Banner-616 to use the Hulk for good.[5]



  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN936 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.

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