Aesthetic Differences

Earth-127 appears to be, in many ways, similar to Earth-616 in nature by way of its super-human and mutant population. However, the exact extent is unrevealed. There are a number of major aesthetic differences in this reality, such as variations of various super-humans' choice of costumes. However it also appears that the genders of many individuals are different. Notably, Magneto and Quicksilver are both female, while this reality's Scarlet Warlock is a male version of the Scarlet Witch.

An alternate version of the Brotherhood of Mutants exists in this reality that consists of Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Warlock and Mesmero.


This reality was one of the many that was accidentally fractured by the explorations of the Timebreakers leading to the gathering of the reality hopping Exiles. On this world, the Scarlet Warlock attempted to transfer the Adamantium skeleton of mutant hero Wolverine into his mother, Magneto. However, a strange twist of fate caused the Warlock's hex powers to inadvertently merge himself, Magneto, Quicksilver, and Mesmero with Wolverine creating an entirely new entity known as Brother Mutant. Brother Mutant sought to take over his world.

At this time, the Timebrokers had "fired" the current roster of the Exiles due to their unwillingness to work on their teams. Deciding to create a new team they gathered a new group of Exiles consisting entirely of alternate reality versions of Wolverine, because of his claim to be "best there is at what he does". However, each group of alternate-reality versions of Wolverine selected would be hypnotized by Brother Mutant and join his growing army of alternate Wolverines. The Timebreakers continued to send team upon team of alternate Wolverines, each one meeting with failure and expanding Brother Mutants ranks.

When the last group of Wolverines (consisting of Major Logan of Earth-811, Patch of Earth-181, a Zombie Wolverine of Earth-6195, young James Howlett of Earth-1880, Weapon X of Earth-520 and the androids Albert and Elsie Dee of Earth-5211) also appeared to end in failure, the Timebreakers were forced to swallow their pride and "rehire" the previously ousted Exiles[1].

By this time, Brother Mutant was about to start a Wolverine "World Tour" to take over the Earth. The Exiles, along with their Wolverine counterparts, stopped this attempt with Major Logan slaying Brother Mutant even at the cost of his apparent life. With Brother Mutant slain, the surviving Wolverines were returned to their native worlds and the Exiles continued on their mission to repair damaged realities[2].

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