Earth-1287 was the home of Strikeforce Morituri.[1]

Exiles Vol 1 83 page 3 Earth-1287

Weapon X's Maverick hailed from Earth-1287, where he was a leading agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. His body was returned to the Helicarrier of that Earth after his death.[2]

Le Necrogateur (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 4 4 002

Eventually, after an alien invasion, the world had turned into a dystopia, which was visited by Antonio Aggasiz in order to retrieve a different version of the Super-Soldier Formula for Yevgeny Malevitch.[3]

  • Ronald Byrd had this to say about the reality designation:
Quote1 Strikeforce Morituri took place on Earth, yes, but it's an Earth of maybe twenty years in the future as of the 1980s, where IIRC superhumans never existed until the title team was created to fight the alien Horde (oh, and there were a few "in-joke shots" like seeing Galactus's helmet on the Horde ship, but, really, it might as well have been an Epic series like "The One" or "Brats Bizarre" for all the connection it had to anything else). As off the 1980s Marvel Universe map as G.I. Joe. Sort of like Earth-Supreme-Power with an invading race as the catalyst for the story developments instead of just the one alien infant, I guess. But there's nothing to say that on such an Earth, the government didn't employ an agent called Maverick and that he couldn't have been under the authority of a guy who looked like Nick Fury. There've been odder juxtapositions, and since Exiles didn't have any problem pulling characters from "far enough in the future" that Nightcrawler, Magneto, etc. could have adult offspring, there's no reason Maverick-1287 couldn't have been pulled from Strikeforce Morituri's "future" (explaining why he's a COSTUMED government agent). It's the easiest way to explain why the same Earth-number is applied to both concepts, for those few of us who care.

[4] Quote2

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