In this reality, Evan Sabahnur ascended and became Apocalypse. He became the greatest threat the Earth had ever faced. Wolverine gathered X-Force, an army of heroes dedicated to exterminating its opposition. They killed Apocalypse, liberating a terrified world, and the X-Force were celebrated war heroes.

They were then elected to make sure that no monsters ever threatened the human race again. Within a few years every known criminal had been terminated. Once there weren't anymore criminals, X-Force began to preemptively assassinate possible criminals. The totalitarian regime used thought crime surveillance on the population. Anyone who had made up his or her mind to commit murder was eliminated by X-Force, which they called preventative termination. Resulting in an utopia built on blood and fear.[1]

  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN213 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.

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