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Jennix from Scarlet Spiders Vol 1 1 001
Quote1 Interesting. So this is where they've been gathering. Quote2
Morlun (Earth-001) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 33 001
Quote1 No, brother. This is where they've been cowering. Quote2

During the Totem War, the Spider-Army was based here to defeat the Inheritors. The world became a safe zone because it was protected by its native Spider-Man, who had the power of Captain Universe.[1] The Inheritors eventually tracked them to Earth-13, and while the weaker Inheritors stood no chance against Peter, Solus, the father of the Inheritors, was strong enough to absorb the life force of both Cosmic Spider-Man and the Enigma Force.[2] This crushing blow led the Spider-Army to randomly teleport to the safety of Earth-8847.[3]

The Spider-Army would later come into conflict with the Inheritors a second time. Overrun, Miles Morales took his comrades back to Earth-13.[4] Inspired, Miles contacted the Un-Power of Earth-616. Bonding to Captain Universe, the pair avenged Cosmic Spider-Man by killing Solus.[5]


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