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According to himself, Peter Parker became Spider-Man years ago by willfully putting his hand in the mouth of a radioactive spider. He became the world-famous Spider-Man, fighting for years alongside dozens of heroes and fighting dozens of deadly villains. He eventually married and had a daughter and later a son. He moved his family out of the city to avoid the dangers of super villains but because he continued his career as Spider-Man his family was constantly targeted by his foes.

When in his forties, he battled the Rhino or Kraven the Hunter. During the battle, he realized he needed to change his life to be a better husband and father. Nick Fury helped him make new identities for his family and they moved to the Chicago area. Over time, his wife died, his children moved out, and he eventually out lived his children. At some point he moved into a nursing home.

In the present, seeking to impress his great-grandson Stephen, Martin revealed his past to him and took him web-swinging.[1]


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