The universe designated as Earth-13031 was haphazardly formed between the 'Heroes Reborn' pocket dimension and a distant cosmos merged in the Negative Zone.

Upon it's creation, this universe' Earth was already in a planet-wide conflict, involving an alliance between the alien Skrulls and Daemonites, and their human ally Dr. Doom.[1] Europe had already fallen, and the sense of despair and tragedy was prevalent in America. Doctor Doom had discovered that his world was a composite of the two worlds but had set up a gate at the Nexus of Realities in Negative Zone and his castle in Latveria to ensure they remained merged.[2]

Reality was eventually restored as the two universes separated when Deathblow hurled Helspont and himself into the Negative Zone, and Rick Jones destroyed the portion of the lock in Latveria that kept the Wildstorm Universe and the Marvel Universe together with a grenade.[3]

  • While no true character amalgams took place, there were many 'situational amalgams' in the story. The android Spartan & the Scarlet Witch fill the roles of Spartan & Voodoo from WildC.A.T.s as well as Vision & Scarlet Witch in the Avengers. In the Fantastic Four, the Thing & Human Torch are replaced by Maul (WildC.A.T.s) & Burnout (GEN13), and the line-up of the WildC.A.T.s includes Goliath (Avengers) & Gorgon (Inhumans).
  • It is noted that the Heroes Reborn comics were produced for Marvel Comics by WildStorm Studios, owned at the time by Jim Lee and associated with Image Comics, not DC Comics. Thus the creator-owned characters of the WildStorm Universe appeared courtesy of Lee, and no WildStorm, Image, or DC logos appear on the covers.

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