Quote1 But because of this world, the universes are dying too soon. So we will unmoor our universe by killing this world. Quote2
-- Terrax the Truly Enlightened src

This world's history is mostly unknown.

Magneto seemingly conquered this Earth, or at least the United States of this Earth, as the Statue of Liberty was reshaped to his effigy.[1]

At some point, this reality started to collide with Earth-616 and was targeted by the Illuminati, who tried to push it away using their Infinity Gauntlet. They were only able to delay it however, and lost their Gems in the process.[2]

They then traveled into that reality during its second incursion, witnessing Galaktus's presence. As they intended to oppose the World Eater, who was destroying Earth to save his universe, his herald Terrax the Enlightened came to them, asking them to retreat to their home-reality, or else face him in battle as the Earth died. They fought and captured him, but before fleeing, they witnessed the end of this Earth at the hands of Galaktus.[3]

In this world:

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