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The reality from which Doctor Doom took remains to form the domain of K'un Lun in his Battleworld.[1]

500 to 1000 years ago, the land was torn apart by war. Every Great Master led his or her school into battle. All of them battled each other to the death. In the end only the Great Masters from the Ten Rings and Iron Fist remained. They nearly killed each other, but stopped realizing what their actions had wrought on the kingdom. The schools were crumbling, K'un Lun was on fire, and in the ashes their students were dying.

To keep the peace, the two Grand Masters decided that trial by combat in the thirteen chambers would be used to determine who would rule K'un Lun. The first tournament was won by the Iron Fist's Great Master, who brought order to K'un-Lun. Every 13 years since, the emperor was selected via trial by combat in the thirteen chambers. The most recent was Emperor Zheng Zu, Master of the Ten Rings. He ruled over 100 years, a reign of prosperity (and terror to some).[1] His reign was ended by his son Shang-Chi, who defeated him in the Thirteen Chambers, thus becoming the new emperor of K'un Lun.[2]

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