Wolverine, headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, along with the school's students and teachers, each buried a time capsule.

During the next twenty-five years, several events happened:

In order to help his past-self deal with the incoming events, Logan intended to send himself a warning message, but instead sent the key of a safe found in Dog Logan's cabin. Also in this world, the time-displaced X-Men never came back to their time-line.

Rogue, Jean Grey and Beast went to Alison Blaire, wanting her to campaign for Presidential elections. First surprised, Dazzler accepted and won. During her victory speech, she was killed among others because of a demonic attack. Deadpool said "I wonder what the world would be like if we never have to deal with the time she unleashed the..." to Molly Hayes when they encounter Magik and Colossus, hinting that the demonic attack in victory speech was unleashed by Magik. Beast grew with resentment for the X-Men modus operandi.[1]

Sometime later, Magik handed her Soulsword to her brother Colossus.[1]

At some point in their conflict, the two bands were opposed during an event called the Stark Tower/Baxter Building Wars, intending that Reed Richards and/or the Fantastic Four from one side and Tony Stark and/or the Avengers from the other came to fight on several occasions. That event forged a strong need of revenge against Colossus in Molly Hayes' mind.[2]

They also had a battle on the Moon in 2033, where Xorn managed to flee out using a telepathic ruse.[3]


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