Earth-13812 from X-Treme X-Men Vol 2 12 003

The human slaves and the jackal-headed slave-masters

Little is known about this reality. Its appearance is similar to ancient Egypt, and it is inhabited by human slaves and the jackal-headed beings. [1]

Earth-13812 from X-Treme X-Men Vol 2 12 002

The world and all its citizens being consumed in the Exterminators' vortex

When Lord Xavier, the Witch King resurrected Nazi Xavier and abducted Xavier Head, the three teleported[2] to this dimension, possibly because of the dimensional rift opening in the Multiverse.

The transdimensional X-Men covertly followed the Xaviers where they were sacrificing civilians to an interdimensional rift to gain power. The X-Men were able to rescue their Xavier and narrowly defeated Lord Xavier and Nazi Xavier. Unfortunately, the X-Men did not act quickly enough to save that world, and were forced to make an interdimensional jump, leaving that reality and all its citizens to be consumed by the Exterminators.[1]

Former Residents

  • Human slaves
  • Jackal-headed slave-masters

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