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Earth-14026 diverges from Earth-616 when the Annihilation Wave went unimpeded after Galactus was unable to be revived and instead was killed. The Annihilation Wave reached Earth during the height of the Superhero Registration Civil War, which caused both the pro and anti-registers to set aside their differences to fighting against the Wave. The Annihilation Wave devastated Earth even as both heroes and villains unite in fighting the Wave despite sustaining massive casualties. The initial Wave was only destroyed through the intervention of the Inhumans, which their previous relations with Earth was strained by the Silent War until being convinced otherwise by Nova, but only to temporarily staving Earth from the full force of the Wave.

Uatu the Watcher, concerned with Earth's survival, assisted the heroes in providing them the Terminus device that will shunt the Annihilation Wave into a black hole, but at the cost of destroying Earth's moon. The conflict ended when Nova, Captain America, and Iron Man sacrificed their lives in setting off the Terminus device in which it successfully sent the Annihilation Wave into a black hole.[1]


  • Officially diverges from events in Earth-616 when Drax failed to free Galactus after killing Thanos in Annihilation #4, though in this reality, Danny Rand did not pose as Iron Fist during Civil War, though there was still a Daredevil present, so it is possible that it diverges at an earlier point.

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