The habitants of this reality became zombies when a experimant to recreate Deadpool's healing factor in other humans gone wrong and the patient zero turned since the sample with Deadpool's blood has similar properties with the Hunger Virus, eventually exploding the lab were the tests were happening, causing the virus to spread through the air. When Deadpool arrived at the lab were the outbreak started, he was surrounded by zombies and without chance of scaping, so he drank a sample of his blood and allowed te zombies to eat him, turning them into Deadpools.[1]

However, the Deadpools, instead of protecting the humans from the zombies as they should, they rebelled against them, turning the humans into zombies and zombies into Deadpools, by making the zombies eat one of them, just like it was the case when they were born. However, one of them was against the idea. When he sacrificed himself by entering in a Deadpool-killing machine, he brought a infection to the others that destroyed 99% of them. Liz, a survivor that meet with the outcasted Deadpool, realized that there were other remaining Deadpools out there, so she took the alias of Deadpool and decided to kill the rest of them herself.[1]

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