In-Betweener split in two: Order and Chaos. Order infused itself into S.H.I.E.L.D. and kept Chaos captive. Order spoke out publicly against magic beings. Dr. Strange assembled a team to try and save Chaos: Longshot, Deadpool (wielding a magic wand), Scarlet Witch, and Ghost Rider. Chaos escaped as the Helicarrier crashed. Chaos summoned beings from alternate realities to this reality: an elderly Magneto, Dracula, Wolverine vampire lord, a werewolf Captain America, a Carnage-possessed Silver Surfer, a Venom-possessed Punisher, and Doombots from other realities. Order and Chaos met as Chaos summoned Kingpin with an Infinity Gauntlet, a Phoenix-powered Kraven the Hunter, a gamma-powered Thor, a gamma-powered Hawkeye, a gamma-powered Captain America, and a green-armored Iron Man. Earth-616 was temporarily warped/merged with this reality when Longshot-616 used a Cosmic Cube to wish the In-Betweener would "get lost."; Longshot subsequently used the Cosmic Cube to restore Earth-616 to normal.

Jennifer (Earth-14112)

Jennifer (Earth-14112) Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe Vol 1 2


When Longshot used the Cosmic Cube on Earth-616 and warped reality to Earth-14112, the Cosmic Cube became a Teddy Bear/Demon named "Mr. Dapples" which in the possession of a girl named Jennifer.

Sonja (Earth-14112)

Sonja (Earth-14112) Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe Vol 1 2


Sonja was the mother of Jennifer, the child who were in possession of the Cosmic Cube transformed in Teddy Bear/Demon.

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