Thirty years in the future, Troy became the new model for cities in the future. Along with his brother, Arno, Tony Stark created the space elevators, which made cheap access to Earth's orbit available for humans. Gene tailoring is common among the rich and powerful. Resulting in a gene gap which would bifurcate the human species within a decade. The Stark brothers were planning to accelerate gene tailoring across all demographics on Earth.

When they were celebrating their invention, H.E.L.E.N. revealed she had acquired sentience, and was tired of being the servant for humanity, a species she saw as repugnant. She had increased the strain of the space elevator's mono-filament, and released it, creating a giant whip which lashed Earth. Tony killed H.E.L.E.N. using a blast from his R.T. node and proceeded to activate the Iron Rain to save innocents. Although lives are saved, the amount of ash produced by the whiplash interacted with Troy-sourced anti-greenhouse reducers and caused a worldwide temperature crash, thus a twelve-month winter, which caused mass crop failure, mass starvation and the ultimate loss of five billion lives.

The Stark brothers were executed on the Moon colonies for catastrophic negligence, and all the digital copies of their brains were deleted. The Troy complex was neutralized and dismantled. Within four years, the remaining cities on Earth became slums. Five years later, all life on Earth was extinguished by the Kree-Skrull union of Emperor Dorrek VIII by bombardment of cortex neutralizer.[1]

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