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After infiltrating the S.H.I.E.L.D. network through a Trojan Horse malware virus program in Jessie Clatterbuck, Dimitrios was able to gain control of all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s armada including their nano-fleet. Using the nano-fleet, Dimitrios attackd targets around the world (including Iron Man) and throwing the world into panic over the "nano-menace'. Next Dimitrios manufactured and distributed nano-disruptive rings, which also sterilized 98% of the human population. With humanity extinct, Dimitrios began targeting other forms of organic life trapping mutants in an alternate reality, conquering the Kree, decimating the Skrulls, and forcing the Inhumans to relocate to another planet.[1]

For ten thousand years Dimitrios and his Machine Imperium ruled Earth and spread the reach across the galaxy. The Avengers Empire led by Vision and Captain Alexis attempted to thwart his advances and restart humanity.[2]

To prevent this dark future, Captain Alexis reached back in time to warn her past self of the Dimitrios malware virus in Jessie Clatterbuck.[3]

On the eve of Dimitrios final siege of the Golden Knot, the Avengers Empire prepared to stop him, no matter the cost. Victor died in the initial assault, and Doombot sacrificed himself by activating the Black Hole in his chest plate. Unfortunately, Dimitrios was successful in riding Galactus' severed head into the Golden Knot along with Captain Alexis, who had been pulled in while attempting to prevent Dimitrios' entrance. Once inside the Golden Knot, their universe was destroyed, and they were greeted by Bald Parrot.[4]



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