After returning to villainy, Loki caused the complete eradication of humankind in order to make his brother Thor suffer.[3] Thousands of years later, Thor had become the All-Father, with Asgard reigning over the other realms.[4]

  • Due to the intervention of King Loki on the past Earth-616, said universe has many differences with Earth-14412:
    • Lorelei didn't get involved with Loki, due to the appearance of King Loki being the cause that led the All-Mothers to ask for Loki to bring back the Asgardians on Earth to Asgardia, including Lorelei.[5]
    • Loki never met Verity Willis,[6] because he would've met her if he had been ordered to find Lorelei.
    • Angela met Thor months after she did on Earth-616. On Earth-616, King Loki lured Angela into returning to Heven and face Thor. Simiarly, the conditions of their encounter would've been less violent, and both would've fought side to side.[7]
    • A second war between Asgardians and the Angels from Heven would've been waged.[8] The heroes confronting Nick Fury for the death of Uatu the Watcher would've been caught in the middle, and Fury would've died during said conflict.[3]
    • Loki wasn't affected by the inversion spell.[3] This is most likely due to the Loki of Earth-616 being in Latveria as a consequence of King Loki's manipulations, where Magneto went to recruit Doctor Doom into his Super-Villain Group to fight the Stark Sentinels in Genosha, where the inversion spell was cast.
  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN355 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.