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As the Galactic Council discussed the war with the Builders, Emperor J'son told all in attendance that they are losing the war as planets kept falling to the Builders. Therefore J'son has brought Thanos to aid their forces, and the Council agreed to let Thanos and his Black Order join them. With their help the tide of war quickly turned in their favor and within days they have taken down more than one Builder fleet. Despite all that Thanos had done in the past, Thor appeared to trust him and so did many of the Avengers though not Captain America.

Captain Universe woke from her coma and began an all out attack on the Builder Command ship. Avengers scrambled to provide her back up. The Builders began to retreat but sent a signal ordering the Alephs to self-destruct thereby taking everyone out with them. Thanos convinced them that they needed to prevent their escape, for the Builders would regroup and come back in greater force. Using Manifold's powers they teleported into the Builder command ship. Appearing in the middle of a war zone, with a giant Captain Universe destroying the Builder fleet.

Thanos sneaked away from the fighting and brroke through the Builders' defense, demanding they turn over his son. Who they had been protecting as he was a newly born Builder, the first in millions of years. He was refused and told that Thane would witness the evolution of the cosmos through its devastation. Captain America appeared, having heard it all and fought to protect Thane, and was slain by Thanos. Captain Marvel and Thor were about to be overwhelmed by the Builders' when Thanos appeared with Captain America's shield, saving them. He convinced them that he was telling the the truth about Captain America's death and assumed leadership of the Avengers, winning the war against the Builders. In the aftermath, the Illuminati found Thanos in Necropolis who offered to help them deal with the Incursions by using his Avengers to destroy worlds.[1]



  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN627 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.

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