Earth-15731 is a parallel version of the New Universe, Earth-148611. It is time-shifted from Earth-148611 by several years. The most notable deviation from Earth-148611 result from the appearance of the Mutant X Killer (Kevin MacTaggart), a reality-warping mutant known in most universes as Proteus.

MacTaggart arrived from an alternate timeline created by the Scarlet Witch and since dubbed "The House of M". While MacTaggart had always known of his abilities to read minds and warp the world around him to his will, it was only after encountering the reality-hopping Exiles that MacTaggart learned he could tap into other universes, and even warp reality in such a way that he could pass between them unassisted. Due to a secondary mutation, MacTaggart's body is largely incoporeal, and he must "steal" the bodies of others to survive. The Exiles pursued MacTaggart from Earth-616 after he took the body of their teammate, Mimic.

MacTaggart had come to Earth-15731 to find its version of the Star Brand, a symbol which allowed its bearer to wield infinite amounts of power. With the Star Brand, MacTaggart hoped he could finally keep his bodies from burning out. While waiting for Star Brand (the bearer of the Star Brand), MacTaggart was attacked by Justice, who could sense the evil within him. After a brutal battle, the two combatants admitted they had underestimated each other, but Justice came out on top. Before Justice delivered a fatal blow, MacTaggart took control of his body, leaving Mimic's worn out corpse.

Later, while MacTaggart held Connell's family hostage, Ken was intercepted by the Exiles, who warned him of the threat, and assembled a team of paranormals including Star Brand, the members of DP7, and Nightmask. Lenore Fenzl used her power to put MacTaggart to sleep so that Nightmask could attack him on the psychic plane. However, MacTaggart soon broke free of his dreams and attacked the team. After a brief Skirmish, Longshot was teleported in from Panoptichron to combat MacTaggart. With Longshot's field of "good luck" temporarily overwhelming MacTaggart's reality-altering powers, Mutant X realized he was in danger, and retreated to another reality.

It is known that these events have somehow derailed the normal timeline of Earth-15371, but exactly how remains unknown.

  • In Proteus' entry in the All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe confirms that Proteus arrived in the original New Universe (Earth-148611) and that his actions caused it to diverge into Earth-15371. The original Exiles comics only cite Earth-15371.

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