Earth-15797 would differ vastly from Earth-616 in that it would be a world without heroes. It's universe did consist of space fairing races such as the Xandarians and the Skrulls. When Rhomann Dey came to Earth and transferred his Nova powers to a random human, they would be endowed to Jesse a homeless man who was down on his luck. Finding the costume ridiculous, and not fully realizing the power that he had, Jesse would resume his usual drifter lifestyle with his faithful pet cat.

On Christmas Eve that year there would be a terrible snowstorm and Jesse would be down on his luck to find a warm place to stay for the night. After being kicked out of a hotel for not having any money, Jesse would put the Nova costume on under his clothing to stay warm. Knocking on the door of an orphanage and offering to do work in exchange for a night out of the cold, Jesse would be welcome in with open arms.

This would also be the night that the alien Skrulls would come seeking to take over the Earth. Detecting the Nova power in Jesse, the Skrulls would seek him out to destroy their only potential for opposition. Appearing at the orphanage, the Skrulls would attack Jesse who would quickly change into his Nova costume to fight back. Unprepared for the Skrull's advanced technology and shape-shifting powers, Jesse would be easily captured and taken aboard their space ship. Reviving, Jesse would break free and fight the Skrulls aboard their ship. During the fight, Jesse would smash an important console of the ship causing it to explode, killing himself along with the Skrull invaders.

Nova, Skrulls

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