A possibly divergent Earth-616 set in the 1960's where the adventures of the Sentry take place.

The stories told may or may not be true. They were supposed to be the history of The Sentry, but were told by Reed Richards to Franklin Richards in the context of a comic book, so some details may have been indulged to make the stories more exciting. For example, in Age of the Sentry #1, Torr is seen rampaging at the Sinnott Valley Power Plant, but Torr was actually defeated in Amazing Adventures #1. Therefore, it is unclear what is fact and what is fiction in these stories. While much like Earth-616 in its heroes and villains, the presence of this version of the Sentry retroactively altered the timestream,[1] bringing about a kinder, gentler, odder world than the ones other versions of these heroes often call home.

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