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Quote1.png This is A.D. 3167. This is Omega World. When Apocalypse rose again in the early twenty-first century, The Great Trials began. Entire races, entire civilizations were wiped out. It was survival of the fittest. Apocalypse's endgame. The Atlanteans, the Inhumans, the Stark-Self, the Wakandans, the Mystics, and the Moloids. These are the fittest. These are who remain. Quote2.png

In this reality, Apocalypse rose again in the early twenty-first century. He set about judging the various races and civilizations on Earth to determine which were worthy of survival. When Sapna brought about the end of the world, Apocalypse created Omega World from the remains of Earth, with a realm assigned to each of the races which proved themselves worthy.[1]

At some point in time Galactus was killed, his corpse left to rot in the Moloids' realm.

When time-travelling X-Men came to this reality from the past, bearing 60 mutant embryos, Apocalypse decided to grant mutantkind another chance of survival. When more X-Men arrived however, Apocalypse had his Horsemen intervene to kill them.[2] The X-Men succeeded in mortally wounding Apocalypse, causing Omega World to crumble, as Apocalypse's power was all that kept the world stable.[3]


  • This reality was initially identified as A.D. 3549 in Extraordinary X-Men #9. It was changed in subsequent issues, where it was identified as A.D. 3167 instead.
  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN574 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers system.

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