In this reality, Valerie Vector obtained the power of teleportation after an accident in the laboratory of her father, Arthur Vector. Valerie became a superhero under the alias of Voyager, and eventually became a founding member of the Avengers.[1] She went on to become a cherished part of the group, remaining in the team for longer than any of its other founding members.[2]

During the Avengers' battle against the Squadron Sinister as a part of a contest between Kang and the Grandmaster, Valerie was pitted against Victory the Electromagnetic Man in Pisa, Italy. Voyager's portal field reacted with Victory's energo-field in a destructive fashion. Victory was outright killed as a result, and Voyager was removed from existence and even memory. She spent roughly a decade in a dream-like state in which she could observe the subsequent adventures of the Avengers.[2]

  • As explained in Voyager's profile in The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, her fabricated origin and the alterations she made to the memory of the Avengers reflect a reality in which her fake past did happen, this reality being Earth-17122.[3]

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