In this possible future, Gwenpool came to the realization that living in the comic book world bound her to its rules, and since she believed it was an editorial mandate for her to be evil, she decided to play along, especially since fighting against destiny only made her life harder.[1]

The beginning of Gwen's new life of villainy was marked when she publicly divulged Spider-Man's identity. She subsequently used her knoweldge of the comic book world in a similar way, pitting the superhero community against itself and causing the greatest super hero war of all time. Once the heroes figured out Gwenpool was pulling their strings, she simply left reality.[2]

Earth-TRN638 from Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 19 001

Gwenpool exposing Miles Morales

Spider-Man, Vincent Doonan and Terrible Eye travelled back in time to the Prime Marvel Universe and sought help from Gwenpool's brother Teddy whom she didn't know had also made it to the comic book world.[3] They tried to capture Gwenpool in a pocket universe that recreated her past life, but she managed to escape.[4] While the heroes tried to kill Gwen after she had made her escape, the evil future Gwenpool used a flashback that originated from Miles' recount of what happened in his timeline as a gateway into the present.[2] After knocking down Vincent and Terrible Eye and killing Spider-Man, Gwenpool took her younger self to the Gutter Space to convince her to become her. The plan backfired, adn evil Gwenpool was erased from existence. When Gwen returned to the real world, she noticed the future heroes were nowhere to be found, and deduced that since her future self ceased to exist, it meant that the future heroes had no reason to travel back in time in the first place.[1]

  • Prior to being given an official designation, this reality was known as Earth-TRN638 as part of our Temporary Reality Number system.

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