This reality, destroyed by an Incursion, was recreated on Battleworld by God Emperor Doom as the Regency.[1]

Later, after the destruction of Battleworld and the rebuilding of the Multiverse by Mister Fantastic, Earth-18119 was completely recreated.[2]

This reality shows the reader a scenario of how Earth-616 would be if the first Civil War never happened through The Parker Family's point of view.

Ms. Santiago (Earth-18119)

Ms. Santiago (Earth-18119) from Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 3 0001

Ms. Santiago

Ms. Santiago taught in the class attended by Anna-May Parker.[3]

  • Civil War never happened in this world.[4]
  • Though Spider-Man was largely thought to have been one of a handful of survivors of Regent's assault on superhumans, it has been subsequently revealed that many heroes have actually survived their capture.

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