Quote1.png In the world you know, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. But what if in another reality, someone else were bitten by that spider? "What if Flash Thompson became Spider-Man?" Quote2.png
-- The Unseen src


The history of Earth-18139 mirrors that of the Prime Marvel Universe until the point where there was a public exhibition on radiation that irradiated a spider. In this reality, Flash Thompson attended the exhibition and his attendance led to Thompson being bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker, and gaining the proportionate abilities of a spider. Flash initially used his abilities as a wrestler known as Spider-Man at RKP Palace. One night, he helped a security guard apprehend a burglar. Flash then decided to use his powers to turn Spider-Man into a superhero, dropping out of Midtown High School to focus on heroics full-time. Flash wasn't present to rescue John Jameson. His father, J. Jonah Jameson, believed John's death was a government conspiracy so the Daily Bugle started writing in support of vigilanties such as Spider-Man. Despite this, the public became weary of the vigilante due to his violent methods, captured on film by Peter Parker. He returned home one day to find Parker in his trailer. He had come to ask for help obtaining ISO-36, a rare radioactive isotope stolen by Master Planner with the ability to cure his Aunt May's blood cancer. In a fit of rage and jealousy; however, Flash punched Peter across his trailer, accidently killing him. Horrified by this, Spider-Man went out to prove to himself that he was a hero. He found the isotope, but during the battle with the Master Planner, he destroyed a supporting pillar, causing the building to collapse on top of him. He was able to free himself, and in a moment of clarity, realized he was not a hero, but a bully. He gave the ISO-36 to Forest Hills Hospital to cure May, then gave up his life as Spider-Man by confessing to his crime and turning himself to the police.[1]

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