Spider-Girl's Death

This reality diverged from Earth-982 during the final fight of Spider-Girl and Mayhem. May sacrificed herself so that April may live.

Rise of the Bio-Preds

April then buried herself in her vigilante job, gaining the attention of authorities. She honestly thought she was doing good until she accidentally killed American Dream. As a way to counter her, the government staffed the Blackworks Paramilitary Services to create Super-Soldiers from the Carnage Symbiote to stop the mayhem.

Unfortunately, the hosts, once merged, followed the symbiote's love of chaos. They destroyed New York, either killing or "symbioting" anyone in their path. Only April was able to fight against the Bio-Predators.

The Mulligan

Seeing that humanity was doomed, Mayhem and Cassie Lang came up with a plan to use Doctor Doom's Time Platform to go back and teach her not to be so selfish. When the Bio-Preds attacked their last hideout, they set this plan into motion. April made it back, but was materialized into a wall. Using her free hand, she transferred her memories to her Earth-982 counterpart and died in the wall. Past April then sacrificed herself for May, averting the timeline.[1]

  • Before given its proper reality designation, this earth was named Earth-TRN375 under the Temporary Reality Numbers

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