Ben Grimm and his fiance, Alicia worked as physicists at a power plant that was destroyed when his best friends, Victor von Doom, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm, crashed their stolen NASA space shuttle into its core reactor as a protest against nuclear energy. The resulting meltdown and radiation burned Alicia's eyes, leaving her blind and insane, while Ben Grimm was transformed into a monstrous, rock-like creature. After his transformation, Ben Grimm became furious as Victor von Doom's newly-created "Fearsome Four" were hailed as heroes of the ecological movement for their destruction of the power plant. He became determined to gain revenge against Victor and his team. He soon began hunting Doom and spent his life savings hiring the bounty hunter known as Iron Man to aid him in his revenge plan.
Eleven years later, Ben Grimm finally managed to find Victor von Doom and, with the help of Iron Man, kill him and his Fearsome Four. After their deaths, Ben thought to himself about how he wished he could cry for the deaths of his former friends, but years of determination had left him feeling neither happy nor sad. He thought about how no one forced Victor to steal the NASA shuttle in the first place. [1]

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