While Captain Marvel was off-world, Earth was scorched during a fight against a supervillain, seemingly killing every living thing in the process. Unbeknownst to Carol, a group of heroes survived when Hisako Ichiki shielded them inside her armor and hid underground, where thanks to their combined powers they and their descendants managed to survive for decades. Meanwhile Carol, struck with survivor's guilt, ventured into the galaxy seeking to aid others in memory of her fallen friends. Over time the Sun stared dying, plunging the Earth into apocalyptic cold in addition to the deadly radiation.[1]

In 2051 A.D. Carol, who remained unaged, was to her shock contacted by the survivors, who at the great risk to them requested her help to deal with a mutated radioactive monster who was no match even for their combined powers. Overjoyed to find some of her friends and their children still alive, Carol was able to come up with a way for her and the others to defeat and kill the creature. She then learned about what prevented the settling of the Earth's surface and did what she spend decades lamenting of being unable to do: sacrificed herself to save the humanity by restarting the Sun and making the surface habitable again.[1]

  • Prior to being given an official designation, this reality was known as Earth-TRN785 as part of our Temporary Reality Number system.

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