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While Captain Marvel was off-world, the Earth was overwhelmed by mysterious invaders. The identity, origin and goals of the attackers was unknown. During the first war against these enemies, the heroes emerged victorious, but suffered heavy casualties, including most of the Avengers, the X-Men, the Inhumans, the Fantastic Four, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Champions and the Runaways.

After the victory, the heroes relished in the hopefulness of their survival, and many of their descendants were born during this time, namely Katie Barton (daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow), Brigid Thorsdottir (daughter of Thor), Sora (daughter of Forge and Kwannon), Irene LeBeau (daughter of Rogue and Gambit), Lucy Rand (daughter of Iron Fist and Misty Knight), and Fantomex 5. However, a second war abruptly took place, and most of the rest of the heroes were killed. As a result of the invasion, humanity became afflicted with some kind of sickness that decimated what was left of humanity and scattered the heroes to the winds.

In the end, the governments of the world nuked the surface of the planet to destroy the invaders. Some of the remaining heroes, including Spider-Woman, Emma Frost and Magneto, and other survivors moved to an underground facility. The group was shielded by Armor for over a year, and Hazmat absorbed and redirected radiation to create relatively habitable pockets on the surface where the most resilient of survivors could live for a time.[1] Discovering what had happened to the Earth during her absence, Captain Marvel struggled with survivor's guilt and ventured deep into the galaxy seeking to aid others in memory of her fallen friends. Over time, the Sun started dying, plunging the radioactive Earth into a global apocalyptic winter as well.

In 2051 A.D., Carol was surprised to learn of the existence of survivors when they contacted her for help to confront a mutated radioactive monster. Overjoyed to find some of her friends and their children still alive, Carol was able to come up with a way for her and the others to defeat and kill the creature. Carol subsequently sacrificed herself to save humanity by restarting the Sun, making the surface of the planet habitable again.[2]

By the following year, the survivors had started regaining the surface. They also learned of the existence of other groups of survivors, namely one led by Ove.[1] Ove was the son of Namor and the Enchantress, self-exiled to the surface with his mother after killing his father. Together they had established a haven in the ruins of New York City called New Atlantis, which was mantained with the powers of three subjugated superhumans, Armor, Crystal and Jolt.[3] When Ove set out to travel to the past to rule unhindered by the dystopian circumstances of his own time, he enlisted the enslaved Magik to cast the necessary spell. In an attempt to stall Ove's plan, Magik claimed only the life force energy of Captain Marvel could be used to power the spell.[4] To this end, Ove had Magik pluck a younger version of Captain Marvel from the timeline of Earth-616.[5]

When the younger Carol found herself in 2052, she encountered the survivors,[6] and Ove delivered them an invitation to New Atlantis through a mentally-controlled Luke Cage. Once Carol and her allies arrived at New Atlantis,[1] they were initially treated with hospitality. At night when they sneaked around the haven, they stumbled into the captive Magik, Jolt and Crystal, resulting in their own capture after being found out.[3] When Ove and the Enchantress began draining Captain Marvel of her life force energy, her allies managed to break free and disrupt the ritual.[5] During the subsquent fight, the Enchantress learned of Magik's bluff. With the heroes overpowering her and her son, Amora sacrificed herself, using her own life force energy to send Ove to the timeline of the younger Carol. In the aftermath, the survivors moved to New Atlantis and Captain Marvel was returned to her time, with Jessica Drew sacrificing herself to power the spell.[4]


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