Earth-2107's history greatly resembles that of Earth-1610, until the rise of Apocalypse. Utilizing the powers of Mutants he forcibly stole, Apocalypse quickly began taking over the world, starting with New York City. The X-Men attempted to stop him, but Apocalypse killed Charles Xavier and stole his powers, along with those of Wolverine, whom he grievously injured in the attempt, removing his left arm and right eye.[citation needed]

Exactly what happened in the immediate aftermath of that is unknown, but eventually Apocalypse managed to conquer the world, with only a few mutants, such as Bishop and the Six Pack fighting against him. Wolverine survived his injuries, and renamed himself Cable. Of the X-Men, only Iceman and Psylocke were confirmed to have survived, the former having become a legendary figure, at least according to the Six Pack's comments when they encountered the X-Men of Earth-1610, and Pyslocke apparently married Bishop at some point.[citation needed]

Eventually, Cable seized upon a way to prevent Apocalypse taking over the world in the first place, and travelled to Earth-1610, getting into an altercation with that reality's X-Men. Bishop also travelled back, claiming to be an ally of the X-Men, while Cable abducted Professor X, making it appear as if he'd killed the man. However, Cable instead had brought him to Earth-2107, using the technology there to heal his damaged spine, and began instructing him on his true agenda was. Over the next year, Xavier and Cable prepared for their battle with Apocalypse, before returning to Charles' own time.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, Bishop led a breakaway team of X-Men, until Nathaniel Essex (Earth-1610) prepared to bring about Apocalypse's ascension, where Bishop deliberately allowed Essex to complete his task. As a result, Bishop was killed by Wolverine.[citation needed]

Shortly thereafter, the Phoenix defeated Apocalypse, and managed to use her powers to undo everything that had just transpired.[citation needed] What became of Cable is unknown, as is whether Bishop was revived given his death had been undone.

Cable (James Howlett), Bishop

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