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This reality was very similar to Earth-616, except that in this universe, the Watcher was named Atau instead of Uatu.

In this reality, Ares, distrustful of Norman Osborn, tried to kill Osborn before the Siege of Asgard, but was murdered by the Sentry.

As a result, the Sentry's power was not exhausted during the Siege, and he and the Dark Avengers were able to defeat the Asgardians and the heroes who had come to Asgard's defense.

Realizing the situation had spun out of control and that his plans were in jeopardy, Loki set about trying to stop Osborn and the Sentry. He formed an alliance between the renegade members of Norman Osborn's villain Cabal - himself, Doctor Doom and Emma Frost, retreating to Utopia. Osborn had a falling out with the President of the United Sates over his conduct, and sent some of his Avengers to kill the President. The renegade Cabal found Bullseye and Sentry, and revealed to him the truth that Bullseye had killed Lindy Reynolds on Osborn's orders, to turn the Sentry into a weapon. They had hoped that this would cause the Sentry to turn on Osborn, but instead it shattered the last vestige of the Sentry's sanity. He ceded control of himself wholly to the Void and murdered everyone present.

The Void found the remaining members of the Cabal - Taskmaster, Osborn and the Hood - and killed them. He subsequently destroyed all life on Earth, ploughing through men and machines, heroes, villains and ordinary humans.

When he was done with the Earth, he destroyed the Moon, and its only occupant, Atau, the Watcher. This would merely be the start of a rampage that would spread into the universe.



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