This reality is home to an alternate version of Killraven (Earth-691). In this reality, Killraven (a gladiator of the Spartan school) escapes with his comrades the Freemen - M'Shulla, Carmilla, Old Skull, and Hawk, from a facility in Chicago.

In New York, the band of Freemen encounter a young boy named John, whose mother had just been slain by slave-hunters while they were foraging for food. He escorts the boy back to a hidden bunker within New York. When the band is tracked down by more hunter killers, the only other survivor, nicknamed "Gramps", asks Killraven to look after the boy. The band departs via the bunker's escape bullet train system, and Gramps gives his life to activate a self-destruct sequence that takes out the bunker, and most of New York.

The Freemen are quickly captured by Mint Julep and her band of bounty hunters, who claim to only be working for the Martians until they can arrange to overthrow them (and seize power for themselves, of course) In the course of escaping and freeing his companions, Killraven also frees Volcana Ash, a woman with pyrokinetic powers. Mint Julep manages to recapture Volcana (her primary target) and escape, and Killraven vows to free the captivating woman who had in turn helped free them.

The group soon arrives in the area of old Washington, D.C., where they expose and overthrow a warlord claiming to be Lucifer and his demons. Killraven, M'Shulla, and Carmilla follow one of the serfs who had toiled under Lucifer to a cave entrance, where they encounter and mortally wound Cerberus, a massive beast formed from multiple monsters and a disobedient Keeper. The Keeper uses his dying breath to tell them the hidden facility is a place to experiment on mutates, and confirms that Mint Julep has been there. Killraven finds Mint Julep, and coerces her into helping him find and free Volcana. When this brings the entire facility's security force down on them, he also forces her to free all the mutates, who attack the Martians and their servants. Mint Julep escaped, but the band gained several Martian weapons and the aid of "Grok" a powerful but friendly mutate.

As more and more Freemen arrive every day to follow the heroic Killraven, the Keepers are put under pressure to find the increasingly troublesome rebel. Killraven manages to resist the temptations of nine psi-linked Sirens, while his Freemen use the captured weapons to ambush the Martian strike force sent to destroy the settlement. Among the wreckage John finds a computer indicating the location of a Martian citadel, which could taken out with one well-placed bomb in the armory. On the mission to destroy the citadel, Killraven is betrayed, first by Hawk, who takes out Volcana and M'Shulla before Killraven knocks him out, then by Grok, who proved more intelligent than he let on. Killraven later killed Grok.[citation needed]

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