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Nocturne's home reality, which seems to be about 20 years ahead of Earth-616. Nightcrawler is the field leader of the X-Men while Wolverine plays Professor X's role.

The following facts about this world are known:

  • Wolverine was once possessed by the Shadow King who used him to assassinate Professor X; however, Wolverine himself was crippled in the fight as well and now requires an exo-suit to get around.
  • Charles Xavier and Jean Grey both died, (although the cause of Jean's death was not told), causing Cyclops to snap and leave the team, starting his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and eventually a reality-hopping team known as the Exiles.
  • Cyclops' Brotherhood (Future Exiles) consisted of: Cyclops, The Blob, White Dwarf, Rogue (who has absorbed the power of the Super Skrull), The Beast (not to be confused with Hank McCoy), Hyve (a collective of arachnid like creatures) and Radioactive Man.
  • Apocalypse created a son by joining his genetic material with that of Jean Grey, and harvesting his son from her body sometime before her death. He rejected his father's goals and joined the X-Men as Armageddon the son of Apocalypse.
  • Colossus sacrificed his life to save his sister by merging his soul with a demon from Limbo and leaving his body as an empty husk, which was then utilized by the Phoenix Force. [1]
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Other characters mentioned or seen existing in this time line are Moira MacTaggert, who treats the young mutant Plague, a mutant healer who has become an animated skeleton after absorbing the Legacy Virus and was unable to dispel it from his body.[1] The Hellfire Club is also mentioned to exist in this reality, as the Timebroker stated that if Nocturne didn't help the Exiles fix reality her father would be killed by this group (as this was used as a method to get the Exiles to help the Timebreakers to fix reality, this probably will never come to pass).[2]

Talia grew up with the X-Men, who at this time consisted of: Wolverine (Team Leader, would not engage in active combat as he is mortally injured), Nightcrawler (Field Leader), Shadowcat (Who was later in an chrono-displacement accident and was replaced with her younger self just after she joined the X-Men), Thunderbird (James Proudstar), Phoenix (The Phoenix force inhabiting the empty body of Colossus) and Armageddon the son of Apocalypse. Nocturne became a full member of the team. It appears she was involved with James Proudstar (Thunderbird) in this reality. For a long time she lived in her father's shadow, and he trained her very hard, often at the expense of her feelings. However, when Cyclops attacked the mansion with his Exiles, TJ was out with Kitty Pryde. Upon returning and seeing the attack, TJ was able to rally the students to help delay the attack, and then possess Armageddon, a telekinetic, to free Wolverine and seriously injure the insane Cyclops. Having proved her skills and ability, she was able to reconcile somewhat with her father.[3]


Kurt Wagner, Professor W, Armageddon, Plague, Katherine "Kitty" Pryde & Katherine "Kate" Pryde, Phoenix, Talia Wagner, Scott Summers, and more.


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