Home to Namora of the Exiles. She was an alternate version of Namor who was female and had blue skin. Hers is a world where she had conquered the Earth and killed many of its heroes and villains (including Mr. Fantastic, whom she considered a personal friend).

Namora was the first mutant born to the Atlanteans. Eight years after she discovered she was a mutant, another mutant was discovered among the Atlanteans, named Attuma. Who believed that the gods gave him a mandate to seize the Atlantean throne from Queen Dorma. Namora arrived too late to save the queen and avenged her death by killing Attuma. Since Attuma had killed all those who could succeed Dorma, the people clamored for her to assume the throne of Atlantis to which she agreed.

Because she forbade contact with the surface world, for decades Atlantis experienced peace. Two world wars and nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean convinced the Atlanteans that the surface dwellers posed a threat to all. Namora decided to launch a preemptive strike on the surface world, only to be contacted by Professor Xavier and she agreed to delay her invasion and listen to what he had to say. Xavier became one of Namora's few personal friends. Because of Magneto's attack on an air force base, fear of mutants grew. Despite Namora's consul to fight back, Xavier and the X-Men peacefully surrendered and were imprisoned. Any mutant who refused to surrender were hunted down by the armed forces and government-sanction heroes like the Avengers. The only superhero who spoke against what was happening was Reed Richards.

In answer to the persecution of mutants, Namora led her armies against the surface world. The heroes of Earth fought her armies and died in battle. Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four opposed her invasion, rallied the humans in the Sahara, and halted her armies. Namora used the fact that the Fantastic Four was a family to lure its members to the crushing dark depths of the Marianas Trench, where they were slain. Establishing her Pax Atlantea on Earth.[1]

Anthony Stark (Earth-2189), Namora (Earth-2189), Steven Rogers (Earth-2189), Thor Odinson (Earth-2189)

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