Quote1.png Oh, little godling, you show promise. What you lack in brains, you make up for in heart. But you will be my greatest triumph. I will raise Odin's son as my own! Quote2.png
-- King Laufey src


Earth-22260's history mirrors that of Earth-616's up to the point where All-Father Odin faced off with King Laufey of the Frost Giants. Laufey managed to kill Odin and then destroyed Asgard and abducted All-Mother Freyja and Thor. Laufey adopted Thor, who gained Laufey's favor enough to be awarded by his magical weapon, Ice Crusher. When Laufey's son Loki helped Freyja escape to Asgard, Laufey and Thor went after them. Loki caught Laufey off guard and killed him with a dagger. Thor tried to avenger Laufey's death by killing Loki, but Freyja pushed Loki out of the way and was killed instead. Thor then learned that Freyja was his mother and was horrified by her death. Thor allowed Loki to flee to Midgard while he became the new king of the Frost Giants.[1]

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