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The Lightgiver, a living energy force, was responsible for the emergence of sentient life in the universe. It seeded worlds, twelve of them became the first to evolve sentient life. On one of these worlds, a tyrant ruled. Mephisto who turned his world into an evil place. He spread the forces of disease and anti-life across the cosmos. Mephisto soon found the Skrulls and turned them into merciless warriors who infiltrated and destroyed civilizations.

Due to the threat that Mephisto posed, the Watchers formed an alliance with the Kree, more tolerant race. Providing them with knowledge in exchange for protection. The Skrulls and Kree became bitter enemies, resulting in devastating warfare across the cosmos. Using Mephisto's world, the Skrulls created Galactus, an anti-life virus which consumed the life force of numerous worlds. To defend the inhabited worlds from Galactus,'the Kree created a group of warriors known as Captains.

Dr. Bruce Banner was manipulated by the Keepers (who controlled Hydra to build an Energy Well). He thought it was to tap an extradimensional power source, but in reality it was the Ethereal Realm. A dimension which was populated by monsters and gods. The Keepers wanted to restore the rule of the Elder Gods over Earth. Poor construction of the Energy Well resulted in a backlash that caused a 24 hour global blackout. After power was restored to the world, S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked the Hydra base in Central Asia and found Banner who by then was nearly insane.

Years later, Antoinette Stark had Banner rebuild the Energy Well but he was kidnapped by Hydra agents. They accidentally caused him to summon the Hulk, a gigantic monster from the Ethereal Realm. Which terrorized New York City where it fought various heroes. Meanwhile, Hydra invaded Stark Island and Dormammu was summoned to Earth by Baron Strucker. The heroes fought Hydra, while Dr. Strange channeled the god Thor using Banner as a conduit. He defeated both Hulk and Dormammu.

The X-Men later fought Magnus an electromagnetic demon and then the Hellfire Club who attempted to kidnap Jean Grey. Mega-scale Metatalent Response Team Fantastic Four defeated the extradimensional Annihilus. Together with Captain Marvel who was aided by the alien Inhumans, they killed Galactus.[2]

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