Quote1 The world changed overnight as the Great Machine caused cascading global Terrigenesis. Maximus, King of the Inhumans, had created the Well to induce the Great Change... And to usher in a new day for his expanding kingdom. The Royal Family watched as all the unchanged--The Lost Tribes and the Hidden Ones--Began to metamorphose as the Mist--The transformative fallout--Spread across the Globe. It should have been the start of a New Inhuman Age. Instead, it marked the end of the world. Quote2
-- Narrator src

The history of Earth-23099 mirrors that of the Earth-616, with some differences. Shuri, Magneto, and the still-living Captain Marvel and Professor X formed part of the Illuminati. The events which led to Inhumanity didn't involve Thanos, and Maximus was the Inhuman king instead of Black Bolt.

In the wake of King Maximus unleashing the Terrigen Mists on the Earth, the Illuminati assembled to halt an Incursion in Manhattan. The Black Priests arrived from the colliding Earth, fought and killed the Illuminati before leaving and destroying the planet Earth of this universe.[1]

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