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Quote1.png The Fourth Age of Apocalypse ended with the founding of the City-Nation of Tian and the collapse of the Phoenix Eggs. Magneto, Savior of all Mutants, had gathered the survivors of the world's second Holocaust and brought them to his new kingdom. A place called Heaven, where all his angels would be safe... Safe from all the devils that still hunted them. It should have been a better world. Instead, it was soon to be no world at all. Quote2.png


This Earth's history is broadly unknown. Mention was made of it having had a "Fourth Age of Apocalypse", ending in the collapse of the Phoenix Eggs. As a result of this, Magneto, created a floating island named Tian upon which his people would be safe, but that Heaven was attacked by Sentinels.

This world was threatened by an Incursion, so Mister Fantastic assembled the Illuminati, seven brilliant, determined minds to help him find a way to save everything.

Heading to the Incursion Wall, in Tian, they fought the Mapmakers who terminated both Illuminati and mutants, and destroyed the incursing Earth.[1]

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