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The remnants of this reality, which perished due to the incursions, were salvaged by God Emperor Doom, and were made part of his Battleworld. What remained of this universe became the domain known as 2099.[2]

This timeline was restored by the actions of Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from an alternate 2099 A.D. All the events that happened in the 2099 Domain of Battleworld have been included as they happened in this timeline.[3]

Future In Peril

When this future reality started decaying due to changes within the Prime Marvel Universe, Miguel O'Hara was forced to once again travel back in time in an attempt to find a way to save it;[4] however, it was already too late and this timeline seemingly ceased to exist,[5] having been overwritten by a new future,[6] as a result of the attempted assassination of Doctor Doom in the Prime Marvel Universe.[5]



  • Prior to being given an official reality number in All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe #1, this universe was known as Earth-BW27 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers for Secret Wars' Battleworld classification system.
  • Miguel O'Hara referred to this reality as being one and the same as his original home reality.[3]
    • As with Earth-928 being referred to as "Earth-616 circa 2099,"[7] according to Miguel, Earth-23291 was also in fact the true future of the Prime Marvel Universe, telling Peter Parker: "My present and your future, your future and my present - there is something that connects us. Interlinks us. You've met people from other futures, different from mine. But those futures are fixed within an infinite Multiverse. They are other Earths. Where I'm from is still your Earth. There is no branching."[5]

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