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Earth-238, also known as the Crooked World, was an alternate Earth where Parliament member Mad Jim Jaspers successfully campaigned for the outlawing of superheroes.[citation needed]

Jaspers had the ability to warp reality to his will, at the cost of his own sanity. Jaspers created the Fury, a highly adaptable artificial lifeform programmed to exterminate all superheroes except for Jaspers. Within two years, all the superhumans of the world had been killed by the Fury. The only superhero to survive the purge was Captain UK, who fled to Earth-616 and abandoned her heroic identity. The Fury was mothballed by the Status Crew, enforcers working for the U.K.'s oppressive regime.[citation needed]

Unaware of the cause of Earth-238's retarded development, Saturnyne of the Dimensional Development Court (DDC) and her Avant Guard attempted to give Earth-238 "the Push", an evolutionary boost. However, Jaspers unleashed his full powers, triggering the Jaspers' Warp, engulfing his entire world in chaos and madness. Suspecting the cause of the chaos was Saturnyne and her recently arrived allies Captain Britain and Jackdaw, the Status Crew reactivated the Fury, which slew Jackdaw. Saturnyne fled back to the DDC, abandoning Captain Britain to be hunted down and ultimately slain by the Fury. However, he was revived and returned to Earth-616 by Merlyn. The Fury, somehow detecting this, adapted itself to travel between realities, eventually making its way to Earth-616.[citation needed]

Fearing contamination, Lord Mandragon, Saturnyne's temporary replacement, destroyed Earth-238 and presumably Jaspers along with it.[1]


  • Most of Earth-238's superhumans reference classic British comic characters, such as Marvelman, General Jumbo, Tim Kelly and the Steel Claw.
  • Dave Thorpe originally envisioned for this universe to be "Earth-616," its designation coming the Number of the Beast (666), from which Thorpe subtracted 50 ("a nice round number") to avoid making the connection with the Number of the Beast too obvious. After Alan Moore succeeded Thorpe, he instead used the number 238 for this reality, and used Earth-616 for the Prime Marvel Universe.[2]

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