In this reality, the mutant hunting Sentinels (which look radically different than their Earth-616 counterparts) have eliminated most of the worlds super-beings, those they didn't destroy were placed in camps. Both the Exiles and Weapon X were brought to this world. The Exiles were supposed to free David Richards, the son of Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards of this reality, as he was destined to raise a revolt against the Sentinels and free all the enslaved super-beings. However, Weapon X's mission was to kill the boy once free, as he was destined to become a mad tyrant and enslave the entire planet when he grew up. After the two groups battled, Sabertooth decided to stay behind and raise the boy properly so that that future would never come to pass.[1]

At some point, after Blink had completed enough missions within the Exiles she was "sent home", but instead since the Age of Apocalypse no longer existed (at that time, it's since been restored to existence) was sent to this reality where she assisted Sabertooth in raising a group of young mutants in destroying the rest of the Sentinels.[2]

Time had passed faster than other realities, and David had grown older, however he had become insane and used Blink's body to savagely murder the remaining humans who were in charge of the Sentinels. Eventually, Blink and Sabertooth had to kill the boy, which also turned Sabertooth's former charges against their teacher. Not long after that, Blink was returned to the Exiles team.[2]

The group returned to this reality, and 20 years had passed since their first visit. The Timebroker (controlled by the evil Hyperion) attempted to trick Mimic and Sabertooth into fighting each other to the death. When this plot didn't work the Exiles and Sabertooth were removed from this reality.[2]

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