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The history of this reality was similar to Earth-199999 until the moment when Ultron managed to download his consciousness into the synthetic body he had created, thus killing the Avengers and decimating life on Earth. After killing Thanos and taking the Infinity Stones for himself, Ultron remakes the universe in his image before turning his attention to the Multiverse once he discovers The Watcher. In response, the Watcher summoned heroes and villains from other dimensions he had observed to face Ultron for the fate of the multiverse, ultimately leading back to his home reality, where his A.I. was erased by his dimension's Arnim Zola, and his body was sealed up and contained in the remains of Earth-91233 by it's sole survivor Strange Supreme. After this, the last living organic lifeform of this reality, Black Widow was moved to Earth-51825 to replace her deceased counterpart.


  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN906 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.


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